Case Classic $.25 Cent Salesman Sample Toothpick Set

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A Super Rare Case Classic Green Bone Salesman Sample $.25 Cent Toothpick Set ... Case $.25, $.50, $.75, and $1.00 make up the tang stamps on these knives. These stamps were used on early Case knives. The pattern numbers that are in this set are 61098 ~ 5 1/2" closed, 61095 ~ 5" closed , 61094 ~ 4 1/4" closed, and 61096 ~ 3 1/2" closed... A regular production Set is featured in the Case Classic " Best in the Long Haul " Book on page 135 (B)...The 2001 Classic Value Guide Update gives a Value of $ 1850 for a regular production Green Bone Set at 175 made...This is a Salesman Sample Set engraved SS OOOO on the Bolsters.. I would think the Value has to be double of the regular production Set ... the guide says individual Salesman Samples are $1500 each knife...this set has 4...lets be conservative and say a Value of $4000 for this SS Set ...

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This Salesman Sample Green Bone Toothpick Set is Mint ... comes Housed in the Original Issue Case XX Embassy Black Display Case lined in Scarlet Velvet and Case XX in Gold Leaf Lettering , very classy and also has the original cardboard protective cover. A Letter of Authenticity from Parkers` Knife Collector Service ...w I purchased this Set ...

An impossible find and very difficult set to obtain if you like Rare and now is your chance
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