This knife is a highly collectable 5 5/8" closed, 9 3/4" open rare of rare Case Brothers Classic Prototype GREEN BONE Tested XX 61072 CASE BROTHERS XX USA 19 U.S.A. 90 Prototype. This knife has prototype written on the blade. This knife has a certificate from Parkers Knife Collectors Service (see pictures). On page 147 of "Best In The Long Haul" Case Classics, Parker chose a knife like this and tells you that 1000 of a similar model was produced all though the 1000 produced have a bowtie shield and XX on the blade and was produced in 1990. This one also has NO shield and XX on the blade. It's also a Case Brothers knife not a W.R. Case and Sons like the knife produced. ( T were no Case Brothers Clasp knives produced ). It was never produced, so without a doubt t is only 1 in the world of this particular knife. They also go on to make clear that the prototype produced will be only two ever in existence that this knife was never produced or put into the inventory of the classic collection, with the NO shield, XX on blade and Case Brothers designation. As you can see in the pictorial this knife is a very rare prototype. I am listing the cream of the crop of my collection in the clasp listings that I am listing now. It took me a life time to come up with these super unique rare 1 of 1 prototypes and I am not going
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