Case Custom Triangles W/Pearl Opal Black Jett & More NR

This is another of our "(Dream S & G Studios)" custom inlaid knives this one was a Mini Copperlock and we took off the old green handles and started fresh. This is the second one we did with this Tri-Angle design but on this one we were able to incoporate the new Magma Red Opal that everyone seems to have gone Ga Ga over... I can understand why everyone likes the new red opal so much because I do too because of the intense number of colors that come bursting out from within. Simply amazing the number of different colors that are present within it's borders... This knife also has the engraved nickel silver bolsters and end caps like about 99% of our knives now have and they are some of the nicest engravings you can buy... Just when you think your looking at one color you turn the knife in a different direction and behold you get or see another color.. This knife has the clip blade with the one long pull and we put back the old Case shield mostly for looks but we have our own shield design we are thinking about putting on our customs so maybe yes and maybe No we will wait and see..

Measures 3 5/8" inches closed so that just tells you it is the smaller Copperlock not the "Vaulted" Large 549 Copperlock... Black Jett genuine AAA=1 mother of pearl fire opal blue Pacifica opal red magma opal go into the production of this fine
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