Case V-42 Stiletto Knife NO RESERVE!

This is the 1998 CASE XX version of the WWII First Special Service Force Stiletto that was originally produced in the early 1940's and issued to the First Special Service Force, known by many as "The Devil's Brigade." This is a reproduction in it's purest form - in fact a re-production of the stiletto by Case, to it's original specifications, to include the skullcrusher pommel with finial point, the thumbprint on the ricasso, and the leather on the crossguard to protect the hand from freezing against the metal in extreme cold weather.

This stiletto is in excellent, like-new condition in original box, with the issued scabbard and certificate of authenticity. This is a piece for quality collectors, who cannot afford $8000 for a WWII original, but still want an authentic Case V-42 for their collection or reenacting impression.

Militaria collectors with interest in authenticity will tell you that the Camillo's sheath/scabbard that was issued with the Case 1998 version was far from the original WWII leather sheaths in quality and appearance. Tfore, included in this auction, is not only the original pieces as described above, and shown in the photos, but also a MUSEUM QUALITY custom made 19" reproduction of the WWII leather sheath used by the First Special Service Force. A close-up photo is included to show the beautiful
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