Case wartime silver nickels commemorative knife WWII

Case Wartime Silver Nickels Knife Set

This auction is for a genuine Case xx Wartime Silver Nickels Knife Set. I am not familar with knife styles, so I have no idea what style it is, but it has 2 blades with red bone stag handles.The set contains the knife and 11 Silver Nickels as follows: 1942P, 1942S, 1943P, 1943D, 1943S, 1944P, 1944D, 1944S, 1945P, 1945D, and 1945S. The knife and coins do not appear to have ever been removed from the case. The knife has the number 307 stamped on the bolster. I think this indicates production sequence, but I have no idea how many may have been made. The exterior and interior of the case is in good condition, but showing some handling wear. If you want to know about specials, freebies, new items, new eBay listings, etc. from us, you can subscribe to the BG Collectibles Plus Newsletter .

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