CASE XX RED BONE BARLOW 620091/2 1940-1964 USED

HI, And welcome to my auction,today I have for your consideration, an old Case XX pocket knife that is used,but not abussed.The numbers are very legible and they are 60091/2 , and other than a few scratches and one small hair line stress crack the beautiful Red Bone Handles are perfect.The very tight stress crack is on the back side at the end pen near the Bolster.Hard to see,but it is tYou can not tell it in my pictures,but the Carbon Steel in this old knife has that high gloss finish that you will only! find in very old knives.My bet is that these blade were from the tested era,meaning that this 1940-1964 pocket knife is closer to the 1940 era.These blades are like a mirror.I am sure of this as I do have 100 year old knives and they are the same exact way!,But this knife looks like it was sharpened and just put away,because these blades are as tight as a brand new one.It of course has the half stops and snaps and lock firmly in all three position's.The top bidder will be emailing me and saying that I couldn't have been any more accurate.The knife is very clean inside and out,but it has never been professionally cleaned.It measures 3 1/4" closed.Please look at all of my pictures as they are part of the description and please remember that the scanner will magnify things.So please don't be discouraged and think that it is as


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