TWO Case XX U.S.A. 32095 Pocket Knives circa 1964-1969 w/Scaler and Hook stone

For your consideration are TWO Case #32095 Fishing Knives with yellow handles both of which belonged to my Dad. I recall as a kid he ALWAYS carried one of these in his pocket WHEREVER he went, though one was more or less reserved for when he was "dressed up" and the other (without the sharpening stone) was for everyday. When he passed in 1996 I put them away but am now at a point where I'm comfortable letting them go.
Both knives are stamped "CASE XX" over "STAINLESS" over "U.S.A." with no dots making them 1964-1969 models. I'd describe the one with the sharpening stone still intact as EXCELLENT as essentially ALL the stainless on both blades is VERY SHINY with no pitting, while the one missing the stone is in VERY GOOD condition with NO pitting or rust. BOTH knives are VERY "taught" and there is absolutely NO "play" when either of the "blades" are open. It closes very crisply and is a rather heavy knife.
I looked on a Case value website and they show the market value for just the nicer of the two in excess of $100 SO I'm thinking for TWO knives my pricing ideas are competitive. You will NOT be disappointed...
THANK YOU for taking a look and good luck if you decide to bid.