CASE XX SET OF4 STAG $.25,$.50,.$75,$1.00 TX.TOOTHPICKS

CASE TESTED XX(SET OF 4 STAG TX.TOOTHPICKS!,SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY PLEASE) CLASSIC 1994"SALESMAN SAMPLE $.25 CENT STAG TOOTHPICK SET",CASE $.25,$.50,$.75,AND $1.00 MAKE UP THE 4 DIFFERENT TANG STAMPS ON THESE 4 RARE CLASSIC STAGS,FEATURES 4 DIFFERENT SIZES CASE XX GENUINE GOLDEN SHINY STAGHORN TOOTHPICKS,3-1/2"THRU 5-1/2"THE PATTERN NUMBERS ARE 51098~5 1/2"CLOSED,51095~5"CLOSED,51094~4-1/4"CLOSED,AND 51096~3-1/2"CLOSED,WITH RARE LONGTAIL "CASE CIRCLE C"WITH .$.25 THRU $1.00 (19 USA 94 bottom line beneath currency stamp, a diff.tang stamp on each size)RIGHT UNDER THE CASE"CIRCLE C"TANG STAMPS,WITH TESTED XX AND PATTERN NUMBER ON RVERSE SIDE OF EACH TANG, ALL MINT IN CASE XX KNIFEPACK,CASE XX LOGO IN GOLD COLOR ON FRONT,WITH SEALED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY,STATING ON 175 SETS WERE MADE,a super rare Case Classic Genuine Stag Toothpick Set,(on 12-7-06 a set of these in greenbone sold for 795.00 on Ebay) I doubt you may never see this set for sale again,these have been in storage since issued in 1994i originally got this set direct from Case,,all 4 STAGS are spotless,mint,perfect.all have genuine stag handles,large raised letter case "bomb"shields,shiny nickel silver bolsters,carbon steel blades,brass liners and pins,i will try to add better pictures tomorrow,all tang stamps both sides of all blades are crisp and deep,i just couldn't ... read more