This is a beautifull CASE XX SS BONE HANDLED TRAPPER KNIFE AND BELT BUCKLE COLLECTORS SET. The knife has the TESTED XX RAZOR EDGE etching on the main blade. I am not sure what type of bone the handles are made of but they are beautifull and in perfect condition with no chips or cracks anyw I am also not sure what year it was made but my father probably had it for a few years at least before he gave it to me and I've had it a long time since I was young so it is pretty old in years though you would never know it to look at it. It looks like it is brand new off the shelf. I am curious as to the manufacture date and type of bone myself so if any of you know please let me know by email.The knife and buckle set came in a blue leather and red velvet protective case that snaps closed. The knife or buckle have never been used and are both in perfect condition as you can see in the pictures. The buckle is very nice and made of brass with CASE XX sculpted or raised on the front. On the back it has a placket made into it with (AUTHORIZED BY W.R. CASE AND SONS CUTLERY CORPORATION BRADFORD. PA. "MADE IN U.S.A." "WORLD'S FINEST CUTLERY"} written or engraved into it. It also has a raised or sculpted area around and under the belt hole prong and the swinging belt loop that is finely detailed. I looked at the detailed areas with my jewelers loop

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