Case XX USA 10dot 5265 Folding hunter pocket knife stag

Hello Gentlemen,

we have a beautiful vintage Case XX USA 10 dot 2 blade Stag folding hunter model 5265SAB pocket knife. This knife has never cut a thing and has been rarely handled. this has never been used, carried or sharpened. Included will be the original box which is missing one inner tab, other than that the box is in good condition ( no paperwork). The knife shines like a new one, the blades look good and the stag is in marvelous condition with no chips, cracks nothing NOT even a pin crack(examined with magnifying glass). I have sold only a few knives on but have been collecting for years. I always make my customers happy with quality items and this is no different.

The book value of this knife in the Pocket Knife Trader's Price Guide Volume 8 is $300.00 and this was written a year ago or so. My buy it now price is set below that already. These old stag knives are a great investment and their value does nothing but increase. This is a rare beauty!

OK on to the info:

Manufacturer: Case XX USA (tang stamped accordingly) camera is not good at closeups but the stampings look good

Year: 1970 10 dots (tang stamped accordingly)

Model: 5265SAB (tang stamped accordingly)

Closed length: 5 1/4 inches

open length: 9 1/4 inches

Handle material: Genuine fat
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