Up for auction is an old Case Hawkbill 61011 XX USA with no dots. When I received this knife it was covered with a rust-like, fungus sludge that would turn your stomach. I don't think it was ever used, just abused by being left to the elements. I have cleaned this old knife and polished it as much as I dare. (see the pictures) T is stippling on the blade from the rust that once covered it. but it is hardly noticeable now unless you catch it just right in the light. It is a strong old knife with super, man-power half-stops and snap and shaving sharp. This knife is definitely another case of Case proving its worth.

The handles are in great shape and seem to be a jigged wood. The bolsters are nickle-silver with brass liners. It is a knife worth having.

Shipping is #3.50. I only ship to the USA at this time.

Thanks for looking and bidding.