Case XX White Pumpkin Box Orange Bone Muskrat Knife

Case Pumpkin Box Smooth Orange Bone Muskrat

Exclusive to Red Hill Only 100 Made!!

Over the years many things have changed at WR Case & Sons Cutlery Company but one thing remains, and that is quality collectable pocket knives made by skilled artisians. At Red Hill Cutlery pay tribute to one of the early packaging stages at in Case's history, The Pumpkin Box. The Pumpkin Box was an orange box with special graphics put on it. The pumkin boxes might be gone and lost in the times but now t is the Pumpkin box muskrats. These smooth orange bone muskrats are great for collectors young and old. They are Smooth orange and have been lasered with the same pumpkin box logos. T are two different knives in the set. One muskrat has black logos and the other has white logos. T are only going to be 100 made of each and they sell out extremely fast.

You are bidding on the Case Pumpkin Box Muskrat with White lasering engraving.

Item number is 95484 and pattern number is MUSKRAT SS .

Very Low Reserve on this highly collectable knife. Bidding starts at $1.00. Comes with original box and paperwork. Never carried or sharpened. New in Box!

Buyer Pays all shipping costs of $8.00. Kentucky Buyers pay 6% Sales Tax. Additional Insurance available on request ONLY!