THE CASH-LANDRUM UFO INCIDENT (1998) John Schuessler, 1st Ed., Rendlesham Forest


by John F. Schuessler with a foreword by Bob Pratt

Rare first edition. Moderate cover, edge wear, rub. Pages good; some w/red underscore, marginalia. Includes large eighty-seven page appendix w/photos, maps, drawings, various documentation, and newspaper accounts.

The Cash-Landrum incident occurred on Dec. 29th, 1980 around 9 PM on a dark and forested, two lane Texas highway. The encounter coincided w/the Rendlesham Forest Incident in the UK occurring a day after a similar craft was observed there. The witnesses - Betty Cash, Vickie Lanrdrum and her seven-year-old grandson, Colby Lewis - suffered ongoing health issues resulting from the bizarre encounter. Significantly, the UFO was surrounded and then trailed by military helicopters and official explanations were disemminated that it was an experimental craft flying from Albuquerque to Ellington Field, Texas. Schuessler vigorously examines this aspect of the escorting helicopters.

The witnesses unsuccessfully claimed for damages after being exposed to excessive heat radiated from the diamond shaped craft. The judge dismissed the case and the verdict was made unappealable. The judge fell victim to a heart attack shortly thereafter. Curiously, the Chief, Claims and Tort Litigation Staff, Office of the Judge Advocate
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