Casino Poker Card Guard Protector Coin Gold "Red Devils - King of Clubs" - NEW!

Sinbad the Sailor is a story-cycle of ancient origin about a sailor from Basrah (Iraq) who has numerous fantastic adventures during his voyages throughout the seas east of Africa and south of Asia. We at Sinbad’s Treasure follow these adventures by providing only the best items from these regions.

Recently the Captain has taken a liking to the game of Poker. All the crew know how bad the Captain is at the game and how bad a loser he can be. In a recent game, the Captain “acquired” (as pirates do) a large chest of various silver & gold card guards/coins, which we hope you'll be interested in?...............Ship's Squire!

NEW Casino Poker Card Guard Protector Coin - “Red Devils”


This is a metal card guard/coin used by poker players to protect their cards from being accidentally discarded. During one game the Captain had “Pocket Aces” mistaken as folded and missed his chance capitalise. Moments later, the dealer walked the plank!

Card guards have become a poker player's friend, their coat of arms and their good luck charm. So, a necessity for all true poker fans! Also, the fact that the Captain is a Spurs fan and the crew have been ordered to remove these coins from the ship immediately!

Treasure Features:

Gold Plated Copper Metal.

“Manchester United FC” - "Red
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