Casino Rainbow Deck - Easy to do professional magic trick

Casino card Rainbow deck also known as a Kaleidoscope deck
Easy to do, no sleight of hand magic trick.
The magician shows a pack of cards that all have different back designs. He/she removes two cards and hands the deck to a spectator. They are then asked the deal cards on to the table and asked to stop whenever they want, the magician places one card face up on top of pile where they stopped, the remainer of the deck is placed on top and the process is repeated.
On spreading the deck the magician removes the two face up cards and the cards next to them, despite the spectator dealing the cards and being able to stop at any point the back of the first magician's cards matches the back of the card next to it and the back of the second magicians card matches the back of the card next to that one. The two pairs have standard backs where all the other cards are from different casino's in Las Vegas . The two pairs are then turned over to show the face value of each pair match and then finally a thrid and more amazing revelation when all the casion cards are turn over to show they have all have identical values which are different from the two pairs.
This deck is made from good condition used casino cards from Las Vegas, Nevada, some corners are clipped and are of varying styles making it an attractive deck and also
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