$1,500 A Day Playing Slot Machines...? According to Mr. Burman anyone with at least a High School education can learn his method to ...
" Simply walk through any casino, look at the machines
that are not being played... and you'll see
WITH JUST A GLANCE... which machines are ready
to dump jackpot after jackpot, EVEN THE BIG MEGA JACKPOTS
within a few spins !!!You'll know from the last play, in only an instant... if this machine as been idle enough to trigger the clock-payoff cycle! If so, then you begin to play... FOR ONLY A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME!
Since all payoffs are more likely for these types of machines, you'll practically go from machine to machine collecting varying size jackpots,
like a tax collector going from door to door!
P.S. No longer do you have to sit in front of a slot machine for hours on end and hope to hit a jackpot. Now, you can simply walk through the casino... AND ONLY PLAY THOSE MACHINES THAT ARE MOST LIKELY TO PAY A BIG JACKPOT WITHIN A FEW SPINS! This works so incredible, many people WIN $1,500 EVERY DAY, while playing only a few minutes! Since you know which machines are ready to give out jackpots... YOU'LL WASTE NO TIME OR MONEY PLAYING "DEAD" MACHINES... "
Folks this is what we have all been waiting for. Includes the manual which is clean and the charts are unused.
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