Casio AT-552 Touch Screen LCD Digital Calculator Watch

A fully working Casio AT-552 (module 320) Janus calculator watch from 1984 with touch/wipe screen input for numbers & functions. The calculator is 8 digit and has the four standard operators (+-*/). Apart from this the watch has analog and digital display of the time (digital supports 12/24 hour formats), a calendar, an alarm and a stopwatch.

Watch is in excellent condition- see photos. Crystal is spotless (has to be or the touch input will not work!), no brassing of buttons or crown (very common in these). Plating to front bright & shiny with some small marks to plating of case to rear. Strap is original B444N and will fit a 8.5" wrist max.

Touch/wipe screen input works perfectly once you have mastered the swipes required- I have included blown up pages of the manual showing the swipes, even works for my big podgy fingers!

Alarm works, all LCD segments show, all buttons work, analog part works correctly. Watch has been completely dismantled & internally cleaned to make sure the usual module 320 maladies are not present!

No box or instructions (apart from the blown up pages)