Casio AZ-1 Keytar MIDI Keyboard Controller AZ1

CasioAZ-1 Keytar MIDI Keyboard Controller
Don't ket the Casio brand name turn you off. Of all the keytars ever made (none are currently in production), this one is favored by many professionals as the best of the best. ( For independent reviews of various keytars, LINK and .) The AZ-1's shape is totally unique and feels good. The neck is ergonomically designed with its end hook and it feels good in your left hand. It is very light; unlike nearly every other keytar, it does not give you a sore shoulder (it's actually lighter than many guitars and most basses). The wheels are very easy to control, and musical. It is only a MIDI controller, with no sounds of its own (the way it should be!) Unlike most keytars, it requires no power cord (it runs a long time on 6 AA batteries - especially if they are Lithium!). With a wireless MIDI transmitter (a little over $100), you can make it totally wireless!
This is a complete, intact, vintage Casio AZ-1. I have had several of these wonderful keytars over the years, and currently own two of them. I don't need this one, which I have kept for a spare. This particular unit that I'm selling has some problems (see below) and is being sold AS IS with NO guarantees of any kind EXCEPT the following:
it powers up and the display and all LED indicators work
it sends a MIDI signal to
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