CASIO Casiotone CT-620 Electric Keyboard with Stand

Hello. This auction is for a CASIO Casiotone CT-620 Electric Keyboard with stand and music sheet holder. It is in like new condition. We bought it for our daughter and she played it a couple of times before deciding she wanted to learn the guitar instead.

This unit is capable of being powered by dry batteries, standard household current (mains), or a car battery through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. It comes with the AC adaptor to plug into outlet in your home.

On the back of this unit, it has –

power supply jack OUTPUT jack – for connection of audio equipment or keyboard amplifier for fuller sound OUTPUT jack/Headphone jack – another connection for audio equipment or for headphones. Connection automatically cuts output to speakers making it possible to play without disturbing others. FOOT VOLUME jack – for connection of volume foot control (separately available) SUSTAIN jack – for connection of sustain pedal (separately available) making it possible to hold notes after fingers are removed from keyboard Tuning Control – adjusts the pitch of entire keyboard within +/- ¼ tone to facilitate tuning with other instruments.

It also has an auto off function - it will power off 6 minutes after last operation.

I do have the owners manual somewhere and if it is found it will be included. However, I also
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