CASIO Celviano AP-20 Digital Piano

Used but in perfect working order. Lovely piano to play. Great for beginners. Note: There is some minor consmetic damage (as illustrated) and the stand has seen better days, but it's still 100% stable when setup. Piano stool is included. -88 Full Size Keys with touch response. -32 polyphonic notes. -Tones:- Piano 1, Piano 2, Elec. Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ, Strings, Chior, W. Bass, E. Bass. -Pedals:- Soft, Sostenuto, Damper. -Terminals:- Phones 1 & 2, Midi (In/Out/Thru), Line Out L & R -Speakers:- 16cm x2 (20W + 20W) Pick up only please.