Casio LK-270 Premium Lighted Keyboard with Power Supply/Keyboard Stand/Headphone

We bought this keyboard for our kids to learn music but they ended playing piano and clarinet instead and barely used it. It is in excellent condition. 61 piano-style keys Touch Response (2 sensitivity levels, off) 48-note polyphony (maximum) 570 high-quality tones including stereo grand piano tones Package includes Power Supply, Keyboard Stand and Professional Closed Cup Stereo Headphones

The Premium Pack bundles the LK-270 keyboard with a Yamaha power supply, keyboard stand and professional closed-cup stereo headphones.

Touch-Sensitive Lighted Keyboard
The LK-270 features 61 standard-size keys and two sensitivity levels for a more piano-like experience, along with 48-note polyphony (24-note for certain tones).

The "LK" in LK-270 stands for "Lighted Keyboard." Designed to provide a fun way to learn how to play music, the keys illuminate to show you what notes to play in lessons or built-in songs.

570 Built-In Tones
Find just the right sound with 570 built-in tones, from strings to woodwinds and plenty more. You can layer two different tones (such as piano and strings) or split the keyboard down the middle for an ensemble approach.

Reverb and Chorus Effects
Select from ten different reverb and five different chorus effects to add depth and shimmer to your performance.

SD Memory

USB Port
For many musicians, the computer has become a music-making center. Connect the LK-270 to a computer using a USB cable and exchange MIDI data between the two devices. Send play data from the keyboard to music software running on your computer, or send MIDI data from your computer to the keyboard for playback.

Built-In Sampling
You can use the LK-270 to sample a sound from a portable audio player or other device, and then play the sound with keyboard keys. Sample up to ten seconds, and store up to five sampled sounds to keyboard memory.

You can also loop sampled sounds so they continue to play, or replace individual sounds on drum patches.

152 Built-In Songs and Ten User Songs
The LK-270 comes with a bank of songs for your learning and enjoyment, from classics like "Greensleeves" or "Auld Lang Syne" to holiday tunes like "Jingle Bells."

You can also record your own performances, using up to six tracks of different instruments.

Step Up Lessons
To master a song, it is best to break it up into shorter parts (phrases), master the phrases, and then put everything together. The LK-270 features a "Step Up Lesson" feature that helps you to do just that. The built-in songs are pre-divided into phrases to help you master keyboard play. Step Up Lesson takes you through practice of the right hand part, left hand part, and both hand parts for each phrase of a song. Master all of the phrases and you master the song.

Music Challenge Keyboard Game
Music Challenge is a game that measures your reaction speed as you press keys in response to on-screen keyboard indicators and fingering guide indications.

Auto Accompaniment
With Auto Accompaniment, simply select an accompaniment pattern. Each time you play a chord with your left hand the appropriate accompaniment will play automatically. It's like having a personal backup group along with you wherever you go.

Auto Harmonize
Auto Harmonize automatically adds harmony to notes you play with your right hand, which adds rich depth to the melody of your performances. You can select from among 12 types of Auto Harmonize to suit the type of music you are playing.

The Arpeggiator makes it possible to play an arpeggio pattern automatically. There are 90 different arpeggio patterns from which to choose in order to match the music you are playing.

Transpose Function
An easy operation instantly changes the key of the keyboard.

Audio Input
Play along with MP3 or CD players or other devices by plugging them into the stere...

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