Cast brass Bamenda bell with man figure handle

Lost wax cast brass (an alloy of copper and zinc) or bronze (an alloy of copper and tin)
Cast brass (lost wax method) bell with man in loincloth as handle.
Man has a drinking horn (cup) in his hand.
Notice the three finely detailed lizards around the bell.

Condition: like new. It has been boxed for over 30 years. Never cleaned or polished.
Size: 6" high x2 1/4" diameter
Weight: 327 gram, 12 oz

Purchased in Bamenda, Cameroon, in 1964.
I was a Peace Corps volunteer teacher stationed in Nigeria who made several trips to neighboring Cameroon.
These castings came back to my school on my motorcycle. They have come out of the box only two or three times since then!

In researching this sale I have seen several comparable items with retail prices above $100.