Cast Signed 1959 Playbill "FIORELLO!" Tom Bosley, Howard Da Silva, Pat Stanley++

My partner in Manhattan purchased the Greenwich Village estate of John P. Sullivan, son of a well known early 1900's Buffalo Democratic Leader. Mr. Sullivan's estate also included what had been the estate of David Winfield Jackson, Jr., his companion, who passed away in 1988. The men were kindred spirits in both their love of the theatre and their passion for collecting theatrical & movie photo's, autographs, playbills and other memorabilia. There were literally thousands of items representing a 50 year love affair with the theatre. Mr. Jackson tried his hand at writing plays, and had advanced degrees in theatre from Penn State. The correspondence from the estate revealed how resourceful these two were in acquiring their treasures. Before this estate was purchased my N.Y. partner brought in experts to verify that the autographs were all authentic.

All the autographs I will be listing are guaranteed authentic with no time limit. It will probably take me months to sort these items and much longer to sell them all. From the little I've already seen there are many unique and unusual gems. The items I will be listing will have a low starting price and no reserve.

This auction is for a rare signed 1959 playbill to the Broadway musical "FIORELLO!". The show opened at the Broadhurst Theatre on November 23, 1959 and
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