T'caster relic. Gibson Humbucker

This is reliced T type guitar not made by Fender but made to be a real usable, player's guitar. To be clear this is how I bought it some years ago (including the case candy etc) and I did not do any of the relicing. The influences are obvious and if this aesthetic appeals to you then it is a much more affordable option than the custom shop originals. To be honest it's a strange mix of real player's mods and some additions that might be taken as a rather dodgy attempt to deceive. To be absolutely clear THIS IS NOT A FENDER.
However, there are many good things about this guitar: It sounds just like you'd want a top class guitar of this type to sound Nice weight Lovely reliced neck which really works from a feel point of view not just the look if it. (I suspect this was originally a fender licensed neck but have no way of proving that) Genuine Gibson USA humbucker at the neck (see pic) Nice general relicing to body and hardware (probably not up to a NASH or similar but add a bit of genuine playing wear and you've got a really cool looking guitar) Not sure of the origins of the bridge pickup but sounds good Active tone circuit on third push-pull control (see pic) Not sure of the origins of either bridge or machines but they are good solid hardware and appropriately aged. There are holes visible from previous set of machines but
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