Castle Creations Mamba Monster V3 ESC Refurbished

Castle Creations Mamba Monster V3 1/8th Scale Brushless ESC V3 Refurbished back from Castle Welcome to my auction! You are bidding for a refurbished Castle Creations Mamba Monster V3 brushless ESC, in original packaging !!! I run these in my E-Revo and E-Maxx and they are simple amazing. I sent my Mamba Monster Back to Castle and they sent me this refurbished unit. It looks new minus a few small scratches on the case w it looks like it was opened.
Long rumored, occasionally seen at trade shows, Castle’s elusive 1/8th scale Mamba Monster Brushless ESC is finally available to the public. Castle has used all of their tricks to deliver stunning power for monster trucks and 1/8th buggy conversions. The Mamba Monster handles up to 6S LIPO input (25.2 Volts MAX). It has a switching BEC circuit onboard to provide plenty of power for your receiver and servos. Don’t worry about the amp rating, nothing even comes close to the real world performance of the Castle controllers, and Mamba Monster is no exception. We’ve hit 60 mph with RC vehicles that have absolutely no business doing 60 mph. (And we were doing it in a 20 mph zone!). Mamba Monster is designed to keep its cool while it pounds your truck. Castle refused to cut corners on the design or the components, the electronic and thermodynamic fundamentals are right to begin with. Castle
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