castrol rc decals stickers car moto 1/10,1/8 glossy vinyl high resolution a4

Those decals are glossy, printed on a very good quality vinyl sticker !
The decal sticker is TRANSPARENT ,most of the other printed decals on the market are usually in a white sticker that is a cheap method for old school printers that dont use white ink colour! (visit our positive fee dback)
The size of the sheet is 30cm x 23cm (A4)
You will need a cutter or a scissors to cut them
2nd sheet has free shipping!!!!
You can use these decals for your 1/10 or 1/8 rc car body or for your rc moto
(I had many other decals with different brands and logos printed in a4 size sheet so please tell me what exact do you want ,i can also make a a4 size decal paper with the logo and brands you prefer!!)