FREDERICK THE LITERATE This plate is from the amazing PURR-FECT PLACES SERIES by the Master of Whimsical Art, Charles Wysocki. This plate is just BREATHTAKING as this gray tabby cat takes a much needed siesta. This plate is produced by the finest artistic standards of the Bradford Exchange and is so MINT and CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY INCLUDED

Master Artist by U.S. ART, January, 1999
America's Most Popular Artist by U.S. ART , March 1999
America's top 25 Best-Selling Artists by Decor , June, 2003
Love, patriotism, celebration, and the good old days are vibrant descriptives, of the whimsical and spiritual art of Charles Wysocki.
Charles Wysocki is a prime example of 'The American Dream." A first generation American, Wysocki, of Polish heritage, was born in Detroit in 1928 He describes the early years in Detroit as "tough times" and says, "I didn't have a perfect childhood. Nobody does because it's not a perfect world. I did have a wonderful childhood because I made it a wonderful world."
The community that Charles grew up in consisted rnostly of immigrants who took great pride and pleasure in celebrating the traditions of their new homeland. These joyous opportunities and celebrations offered by American freedom became the theme of what Charles would remember and portray in his artwork.
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