CAT & THE FIDDLE Rare Collector Item


I believe this is one of the earliest tricks ever manufactured for the childrenâe(tm)s entertainer. Itâe(tm)s obvious that t were at least a few made because of the label on the box which details the effect. This is printed, not written and the effect is described as follows:

The performer shows all round a splendid little violin, about 16 inches long, also 4 large cards on each of which is the picture of a cat. One card has a Blue cat, another a Red cat, another a White cat and the other a Black cat.

The cards are mixed up and placed on the table backs to the audience. One of the cards is selected by the audience. Picking up the âeoefiddleâe the performer finds he has mislaid his bow. Using his wand is not a success âe" from a musical point of view.

He suspects the cats have something to do with this failure. Turning round the selected card, it is found to be quite blank, and searching for the missing cat, he casually turns his fiddle around and on the back is the selected cat.

COMPLETE - 21 shillings with instructions

On the bottom of this printed piece are the words Beanco Productions Eng. , and G. & W.B.

Iâe(tm)ve tried to find out the manufacturer and consulted with Derek Lever and Mike Shepherd, both experts in used magic. Neither had come
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