Two Catalonian Glass Tumblers Amethyst Wash Consolidated Glass

These CatalonianGlass Tumblers were made by Consolidated Glass circa 1930 with rough pontil. The tumblers stand about 5 1/2 inches tall and are about 3 inchesacross the top. The base is about 2 1/4 inches in diameter. They have an amethyst wash that gives them a beautiful soft sheen. They have the characteristic rippled, irregular surface and many bubbles within and a rough pontil (picture 2)

They are in perfect condition with no chips or cracks.

I recently acquired a number of pieces of Catalonian Glass from a private collection with Amethyst wash made by the Consolidated Glass Co. around 1930. It was designed by Reuben Haley—the same man who came up with the Ruba Rhombic line of art glass. This glass was based on the type of glass produced in Spain in the 17 th century. The Catalonian line is characterized by elongated bubbles within the glass and irregular surfaces. It was blown glass and did not lend itself to mass production. If you are interested in collecting this type of glass, I will be listing a number of these pieces in the weeks to come.