Catholic Antique WWI & WWII Military Issue Soldier Brass Pull Chain Bead Rosary†

Catholic Antique WWI & WWII Military Issue Brass Pull Chain Bead Rosary
Beautiful, antique original United States military issue World War I (& World War II) Catholic soldier's rosary. Pull chain style with brass beads which are silver washed. These were originally produced in 1916-17 for issue during World War I. There were unissued leftover rosaries that were also issued at the beginning of World War II. This particular one still has all the silver wash and even some of the original blacken used to dull the shine. (Most of the blacken wears off over time.) This rosary also has a Miraculous Medal (Mary) attached but is not part of the original military issue. (I've left it on because that is the way the soldier who carried it left it.) The rosary measures a little over 16". I've taken pics with and without the flash to show the crucifix and the actual color. There is a great article written by an eBay writer which provides a detailed write-up of these rosaries and what makes one a military issue. Here is the article link:
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