Cauldon Porcelain Cabinet Tea Trio - c1910 - Edwardian

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You are viewing a most attractive example of bone china

We are offering a very pretty tea trio

Crafted By: Cauldon

Origin: England

Date: circa 1910

Example from the: Edwardian era

Colourway: White

Pattern: Delightful floral pattern

Blue banding

Rim: Gilded

Gilded handle

Background Information: The custom of drinking tea became a British institution when the Victorians took to serving it every afternoon in the parlour - until 1800 it had been customary to drink tea after dinner. This custom was to continue well into the 1930s when coffee became the vogue for the middle to upper classes.

For the Edwardians, everything really did stop for tea and no afternoon was not complete without at least one serving of tea and cakes. The early dusks of winter in the drawing room were brightened with the arrival of the maid with her tray, while in warm summers the bright, airy conservatory with its profusion of exotic plants made an excellent setting in which to drink the refreshing China and Indian teas, served from fine, floral decorated china. Tea would be served in a beautiful and colourful
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