Cavicchi substantial Billiard straight grain Like New!!

You'll think that ol' gnarlybriar is CRAZY letting this one go, since it is such a fabulous pipe, amost completely covered in straight grain around the bowl, birdseye like mad at top and bottom, is "substantial" in that the walls are thhick, it smokes cool, and is like new (smoked only a few times). Well, I have to let a few go, as my collection is changing a bit, so you get a really world class pipe at a substantial (there's that word again) savings! Think Castello Fiamata, Dunhill DR, straight grain, LB, all of the wonderously great classic pipes, in a modern made, from a now-sought after craftsman! As substantial a pipe as this is, it is quite light weight for the amount of wood present!

6" long, 2 3/8" tall 1 3/4" dia bowl, 7/8" tobacco chamber, classic billiard - a SUBSTANTIAL LB shape, and a wonderful smoke. Classic taper lucite stem has a small tooth mark on the bottom only of the stem, but there are no other issues on this pristine beauty! It has been sanitized with grain alcohol; you will say "this thing is brand new!", but it has been smoked (with only McCranie's Red Ribbon and McClelland Classic Matured Virginia (no latakia or perique or aromatic stuff)). Please forgive my crummy photography, this really is a stunning pipe!

Flat fee of $10.00 insured, well padded USPS Priority shipping will be within
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