R. CAZARES, Original Vintage Mexican Ring.

Old Taxco School , Fully Marked, Really beautiful.

This is a really interesting old Mexican silver ring. This beautiful piece was crafted in the Taxco workshops which are famous for their great quality in the manufacture of this kind of jewelry. It is a hand-made piece which carries the tradition of years of silver work. It is known that the silver of Taxco is internationally recognized for its purity and extraordinary artistic qualities. In all the workshops, silversmith was almost entirely done by hand. An incredible amount of handwork was invested in this silver piece. It also has the author’s name: R. CAZARES, that appears in the book: The Little Book of Mexican Silver Trade and Hallmarks by Bille Hougart.

This beautiful ring has the shape of two leaves. It is made with one piece of silver; it has one leaf in one side and one at the end. The piece goes round the finger so the two leafs join together at the front. It is detailed with carved lines. Look at the photos and you will see how beautiful it is. An incredible amount of handwork was invested in this piece. It’s a really fine work. It has its original patina.

It measures: 1 ½ X 7/8 in.

It is size: 6 ½.

It is fully marked as follows: R. CAZARES, TAXCO , MEXICO , TC-51, 925.

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