CCI - KI Potassium Iodide Radiation ACS Grade IN STOCK!

CCI Potassium Iodide Radiation Prevention
14 Adult Dose s - 2 Week Supply
for Children because it distributes accurate doses -
Tablets are for one daily adult dose -
Children get smaller doses depending on their age.
Pharmaceutical ACS Grade Granular CCI Potassium Iodide 1820 mg. This comes in a vile in powdered form and mixes with 2ml of water. It is best to use distilled water however purified water works as well. I can mix it with distilled water and ship that way if requested. An eye dropper is included for dispensing doses. This product meets Reagent ACS Specifications.
Usage and additional product information:
For best protection, Potassium Iodide (KI) must be taken BEFORE any fallout is inhaled. In the event of a nuclear accident or attack, radioactive iodine is released into the air and carried hundreds or thousands of miles downwind. If inhaled, harmful radioactive iodine is absorbed and retained by the thyroid gland, damaging it and potentially causing death. When (KI) is taken before exposure to fallout it floods the thyroid with stabilized iodine, preventing the thyroid from absorbing deadly radioactive iodine and preventing thyroid damage and cancer. World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations. Potassium Iodide should
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