CCS – II. Repertoire REP 4852. German release. NEW CD , this was sealed (I picked this up in a trade), but the corner of the cellophane had been peeled back for placement of a price sticker directly on the cover (it has been removed [not by me] leaving a small trace, only noticable if you catch it at angle under light) and subsequently the shrink wrap disintigrated. It has been removed and placed in a clear Japanese style resealable outer sleeve. Originally issued in 1972. This edition issued in 2000 with 8-page insert booklet. Comes in digi-pak. Produced by Micki Most. TRACKS: Brother, Black Dog, I Want You Back, Running Out Of Sky (Sky Diver), Whole Lotta Rock ‘N’ Roll, Chaos Can’t We Ever Get It Back, This Is My Life, Misunderstood, Maggie’s Song, and City. BONUS TRACKS, non album singles tracks, 72 : Mister What You Can’t Have and Sixteen Tons. DESCRIPTION: CCS was the brainchild of producer Mickie Most and arranger/composer John Cameron. Contrary to leader Alexix Korner’s tongue in cheek comment during a radio interview (see end of description*), CCS stood for Collective Consciousness Society. The principal members of this rock-group-meets-big-band experiment, not that unlike Ginger Baker’s Airforce of the time, were none other than Alexis Korner, known as the "Father of British Blues" and Danish singer Peter Thorup. The

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