CDV Royalty Germany Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria 1864


Vintage Photography

Photographer: Albert

Location: Germany

Condition & Surface: Very Good, back bears extra paste down marks and thicker mount due to being trimmed from a ragged album page. Some minor foxing.

Condition of Mount: Good, pale, some light soils

Tonal Range 1-10 (5 being Average): 3

Format : CDV

Other :

Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm II, King of Bavaria ( August 25 , 1845 - June 13 , 1886 ) was king of Bavaria from 1864 until shortly before his death. His nicknames include "der Märchenkönig" ("the Fairy tale King") in German and the " Swan King" in English , but Ludwig is perhaps best known today as the "Mad King".

Ludwig's eccentric nature and the mysterious circumstances of his death have attracted the interest of modern history buffs and conspiracy fans. Ludwig's sanity, or lack tof, was a hotly disputed issue near the end of his life, and continues to be a subject of speculation among historians. [1] Ludwig's legacy is also intertwined with the history of art and architecture, as he was the patron of the composer Richard Wagner and personally commissioned the construction of several extravagant fantasy castles (the most famous being Neuschwanstein ).

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