Cearco Collectible Plate Pintada a Mano Con Esmaltes

Up for auction we have a beautiful hand painted; hand decorated Spanish collector's plate.

This plate is very collectable and made by a company called Cearco.

Also marked on the bottom is; Pintado a Mano con Esmaltes y, Oro De ley 24K made in Spain .

This plate measures 5 5/8 inches in diameter and has 2 small holes on the back for hanging.

This item is in great displayable condition with some wear on the bottom, and a small crack in the glaze only on the bottom and a few small spots of wear in the gold trim.

is a little more information on how these are made.

History of Cuerda Seca; The cuerda seca dry cord technique originated in the 15th Century, South Spain which was the main center of Western Art and Culture. At that time ceramists masters did not know how to mix colors when firing them, so they were constantly looking for new ways to separate colors, and one of the methods they devised was the cuerda seca. With this technique they combined Gold and Enamel to create extraordinary works of art today appreciate all over the world.

The Process; The cuerda seca process begins with the Bizcochado, bisqué, or molding of the clay, which is then dried and decorated with a first drawing of lines (with an oil-based made with manganese bioxide and olive oil) that block the porosity
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