cec0013 Old Chinese Copper Brass Lock Padlock Key Kylin

cec0013 Old Chinese Copper Brass Lock Padlock Key Kylin
Item Description : Chinese Ancient Copper Lock Key Material : Copper Size: (Approx) 3 x 2 x 5/8 " (inch) Condition : Vintage Remark : A very good collection " Lock ". Wonderful workmanship! So intricate! It's a great gift for someone you love or a great addition to your collection. Proud to own one! Ship to: Single Item Shipping fee Combine shipping fee for this item * Worldwide

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According to relative documents and culture relics, Chinese locks' history is about 5000 years long. Even during the New Stone Age, the embryos of lock appeared in the Yangshao Culture. They were called "Gu cuo", "Shi cuo" and were made of bones. "Xi", a tool used to untie the ropes could be referred as the earliest key in China.

At first, locks had many different names in Chinese: "Mu", "Bi", "Suo", "Yao", "Qian", etc. And they were made of bamboo or wood. Its origin lies in bolt. About the Spring Autumn Period (770-476 B. C.) and the Warring States (475-221 B. C.), Lu Ban the master carpenter added some ingenious mechanism into padlocks. From the Eastern Han Dynasty (A. D. 25-220), people began to make splitting spring

Since Ming Dynasty, locks were divided into four categories: broad padlocks, pattern padlocks, necklace padlocks and shackle padlocks, we add another kind of padlocks to them, that's Combination padlocks.
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