Cedar Wood is tea-rifficly dressed for Maddie's Hat-tastic Party in a modern tea-inspired dress.Spellbinding details include wood-grain detailing on her body, a multi-colored print on her skirt and mesh puffed sleeves.A fabolous hat with Pinocchio-inspired style and Mary Jane platforms are enchanting touches.She comes with a personalized tea set with wood grain detailing and pink accents.Cedar Wood is starting a new chapter with Ever After High, where the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairy tales decide whether or not to follow in their parents' fabled footsteps. Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter, is throwing a Hat-tastic Party with all her friends to help save the Wonderland Grove from losing its wonder and magic. Daughter of Pinocchio and a member of the Ever After Rebels, Cedar Wood is dressed tea-rifficly for the occasion in a modern tea-inspired dress. Charming accents include wood-grain detailing, a multi-colored print on her skirt and mesh puffed sleeves. A fabuous hat with Pinocchio-inspired silhouette and Mary Jane platforms are spellbinding touches. While wearing hexquisite black gloves, she can sip tea in epic style from her wood-grained teacups and teapot. A special color streak in her enchanting hairstyle adds an extra-modern edge to her fairytale-inspired look. The poseable doll's details make for hexquisite ... read more