9 Celebrity Cuts Hollywood Icon Authentic Worn Swatch

Up for auction are these 9 Great Hollywood Icon/ Celebrity cut authentic worn clothing Cards. . They are as Follows

Hollywood Icon Debbie Reynolds 5 of 50

Hollywood Icon Leslie Howard 20 of 100

Hollywood Icon Eleanor Powell 8 of 10

Hollywood Icon William Holden 6 of 25

Celebrity Cuts Movie Stars Hugh o Brian MS of 110

Hollywood Icon Leonard Nimoy 8 of 10

Century Celebrity Cuts Stan Musial 79 of 100

Century Celebrity Cut Larry Bird 83 of 100

Century Celebrity Cut Lee Majors 3 of 100

if item goes over $20.00 ins is required .

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International buyers: I can normally fit 2 Double decks of cards in a flat rate envelope for $13.95. T is a 4 lb min on the flat rate.

My Magazines

Most of my Magazine are in good condition but slightly worn from age. If any magazine is more then slightly worn I will state so in my description. If you have any problems with my magazines after receiving them please contact me. Most but not all do have address stamps.

Ins: If you purchase ins. In most cases I use Auctiva ins. It is more Ebay friendly. In some cases it can take up to 6 weeks for a claim. You will receive an e-mail from them after I purchase the ins.

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