Celestron SkyProdigy 150 6" Computer controlled telescope

For sale This used Celestron Sky Prodigy 150 6"computer controlled telescope complete with eyepieces, red dot finder, mount and tripod Easy to use, all you need to do is level the tripod with the built in spirit level, press the align button on the hand controller the telescope will then automaticly look at 3 parts of the night sky and set its position. With that you can search for stars, planets etc by name and the telescope will line them up in the eyepiece with remarkable accuracy it will even take you on a tour of thing of interest in the night sky. This telescope is in excellent condition with only a few marks on the dovetail bar where it has been clamped to the mount. The Telescope gives remarkable good views of the night sky. It is about one year old and would cost over £1000 new. only thing you would need is 6 batteries or a 12 volt power supply and of course a clear sky. This telescope is not a toy. I have used it many times on our clubs public stargazing nights and every one has been thrilled with the views.
Check it out at http://youtu.be/lnt-P5Tze80