Celluloid Doll Lot Schildkrot 10 dolls

this is a lot of ten vintage dolls includes celluloid dolls and at least one plastic and one possible rubber type material. First is a vintage german schildkrot celluloid doll with the turtle mark, this is the boy with the blue and red outfit with fuzzy mock fur boots. This doll is 10 inches tall, or a tad under between 9-1/2 and 10 inches. Condition is excellent. Next is an Austria 8-1/2 inch Bettina all celluloid doll from 1937 and is 1st series. She is in in very good-excellent conditon, her left arm doesnt move I think a prior owner might have glued the arm, all else is good and she even has the lace edged underware, hair is in wonderful condition. next little German girl and Boy with green hats both are between 9-1/2 and 10 inches tall with no marks, I am guessing they are from the late 1960's as I had a doll like this that my sister gave me in 1968 from Germnany. Both are in very good condition with some mishapen hats. Next is old scary doll who is 8 inches tall. She has beautiful long eyelashes, her clothing is exceptional with bloomers that are lace and ribbon trimmed, red dress with black detailing and a black apron pinafore with lace and sequins and a lace shawl. She has a face that will stop a clock. Arms, legs and head all move, eyes are fixed open into a haunting stare... Next is a 6 inch doll that is of a rubber type ... read more