1 CENT CD: Sarah Brightman 'Symphony LIVE' WITH DVD NEW

1 CENT CD: Sarah Brightman 'Symphony LIVE' WITH DVD NEW


In January 2008, Sarah Brightman recorded and filmed Symphony -- Live in Vienna within the mystical walls of Stephansdome Cathedral in the heart of w classical music evolved -- Vienna, Austria. Renowned for its awe-inspiring Gothic architecture, the cathedral was the perfect setting to enter the magical world of Symphony lead by the voice of the beautiful, gothic-angel. The concert includes repertoire from her album Symphony and some of her most popular songs ("Phantom of the Opera," "Time to Say Goodbye").

1. Pie Jesu
2. Fleurs du Mal
3. Symphony
4. Sanvean
5. Canto della Terra (duet w/Alessandro Safina)
6. Sarai Qui (duet w/Alessandro Safina)
7. Attesa
8. I Will Be with You (W the Lost Ones Go) (duet w/Chris Thompson)
9. Storia d'Amore
10. Pasión (duet w/Fernando Lima)
11. Running
12. Let It Rain
13. The Phantom of the Opera (duet w/Chris Thompson)
14. Time to Say Goodbye
15. Ave Maria
16. Vide Cor Meum (*bonus track)

DVD extras:
The Production (interview with Sarah Brightman)
The Songs (interview with Sarah Brightman)
The Location (interview with Father Anthony Faber and historian Elisabeth Lloyd-Davis)

One review reads 'It's great to finally have the opportunity to review this spectacular concert DVD and CD. The clarity of the audio recording is amazing. T isn't as much verbal contact between Sarah to her audience on the CD, but the DVD is the full thing, just as the audience saw it when they were t I believe this DVD runs circles around The Harem world tour DVD 100 times, which makes this purchase totally worthwhile. The photos are stunning and the printing of the glossy booklet make everything look so nice. The DVD is purple and the CD is black with silver lettering.
Sarah's costumes and hair are gorgeous and she is definitely glowing and looking more pretty than ever. T is one small difference from the studio recording of "Fleurs Du Mal" and the recording on the dicsc. What I'm saying is...Sarah doesn't do that high-pitched vocalise while the violin solo comes in in the intro of the song, compared to the studio album recording. I wonder if it would've wrecked the intro to the song if she did sing it while moving down the middle aisle.
"Sanvean" written by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) is a beautiful vocalise consisting of no lyrics but just sounds. That is what I love about this song. It's just so haunting and original, and Sarah does it very well, even if some say she's too breathy. "Canto Della Terra" is beautiful and Alessandro Safina looks & sounds amazing as Sarah's duet partner. Together, they blow everyone away with their breathtaking live rendition of the song. "Atessa" is very pretty and much better than expected. It really doesn't appear they used any playback for this concert, meaning Sarah used her own voice for the whole recording. I was actually expecting Atessa to be dubbed from the studio recording because of that very outstanding high note at the end, which is incredibly hard to do without screaming it.
"POTO" turned out to be quite nice, although it was a little too fast-paced compared to the original version. But the rock concert edge gives it a totally new edge and Sarah was still able to sing over the volume of the rock band and the pipe organ high above her and Chris Thompson. Oh, that reminds me, in "I will be with you"...my only negative comment would be; Chris Thompson looks a bit tired and sounds winded. If I hadn't known already what he looks like, I would've thought they pulled someone off the street to sing with her, although the rock edge was still t in his voice. Fortunately enough, Chris shines in "POTO", and he and Sarah really blew me away when I heared the performance for the 1st time. The CD bonus track "Vide Cor Meum" is bea...
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