1 Cent Comic BLOWOUT Capes #1 1st Appearance of Walking Dead! VF Combined S/H

Starting something new. Staring today I will be listing 25 comics or more a week all starting at 1 cent with no reserve. Which is a great deal right? Heck yea it is! Just trying to liquidate stock and show inventory over time. Giving you all great deals on some good reading material. As for shipping here is how it is going to go for these 1 cent auctions. I am going to charge $4.00 S/H for the first1- 2 books won. After that you can combine addtional books at $1.00 for every 1-2 books. If you buy 10 or more books I will do a flat rate $7.00. So you can buy all 25 books each week and you will only pay $7.00 S/H. Realisticly You could get all 25 books for $7.25 if no one else bids on any of them. That is for USA destinations only. Obviously I am not making much or anything on these books especially if they sell for just a penny. It would be in your best intrest to win more than one to cut you price per book down but even if you win one book for 1 cent you total is $4.01 with S/H and after packaging materials, postage and ebay/paypal fees I will get about 50 cents. These books are sold AS-IS. I will give them a quick look grade on the older ones. My grade should be good give or take a half of grade. If for some reason I miss a large flaw like a coupon clipped on a tear on a page I will do my best to make it right. A negative is

The comic in this aution is a Image Capes #1 1st appearance of The Walking Dead in VF condition.

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