This auction is for the Kyrgyz National Felt (Voilok) Ak Kalpak. This is collectible handmade original felt (wool) men hats - Ak kalpak. Ak Kalpak has a traditional ethnic ornaments, well made and lined inside.

One size - easy adjustable.

Condition - new.

TIPS: The unique felt (wool) texture helps to prevent you from the heat inside sauna, steam room or russian sauna. You can enjoy your relaxation without any damag to your health.

The Kalpak, properly called the "Ak Kalpak" (white Kalpak), is a hat usually made from four panels of white felt with traditional patterns stitched into them as decoration. It is worn by males of all ages especially in rural Kyrgyzstan, and is a symbol of the nation. (One writer has even written that "what the baseball cap is to the Americans, the Kalpak is to theKyrgyz")

T are different styles of kalpak. They can all be folded flat for storage or carrying when not being worn. In some cases the brim may be turned up all the way around, and in some cases t is a cut in the brim so that a two-pointed "peak" can be formed. Plain white ones are often reserved for festivals and special occasions. Those intended for everyday use may have a black'velvet' lining. The most common form of kalpak is thought to resemble the shape of KhanTengri.
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