Central Intelligence Agency S.A.D. Paramilitary Group Officer Challenge Coin 2

Intelligence Memorabilia
National Clandestine Service, Special Activities Divis ion Paramilitar y Officer Challenge Coin .
This is Special Activities Division, Paramilitary Group Chall enge Coin. released to honor and acknowle dge the work done by Paramilitary Officers in the war on Terrorism.
Photo one shows the CIA dagger with the letters CIA o n the handle , superimp osed over the CIA flying eagle symbol, in attack mode.
Above the eagle it bears the wor ds, "Special Activities Division" and bel ow the words "Covert Operations.
At the very top of the coin it bears the words "Clandestine Ops. Below that the letters CIA Para military Group.
Below the eagles feet holdi ng the arrows, it has the letters SAD, which is the abbreviation for Special Activities Division.
At the bottom of this side of the Challenge Coin it spe lls out " Central Intellige nce Agency"
Photo 2 shows the reverse side with the CIA w inged eagle and shield.
I have been told that this coin has been made in a limited number and is therefore is expected to be very rare.
Note: This new Challenge Coin , is 2 in ches in diameter,
The N.C.S. S.A.D. Paramilitary Officer 's work primarily as Special Operati on Teams usually assigned to work with milit ary SOG under the command of the Specia l Operations

An example of the USSOGCOM cr edentials issued to a Paramilitary Officer operating in a war zon e or other denied access milit ary zone is shown for demonstration purposes only in photo 4 and 5. This is a single ca rd printed on both sides. Novelty versions as shown with the photo of Daniel Craig with the name James Bond are available optionally, for $15.00. I just add it to the invoice if wanted.

Their missions involve Extractions, Renditions, Interdictions, Interrogations, Assassinations, and leading local guerrilla forces.

They are highly trained in SERE (Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion)

This involves, hand to hand combat, weapons training, high speed evasive driving, and military parachute training.

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