Century Graphic - 103mm Trioptar - 6x9 Graphic 23 Roll Back

This listing is for a Graflex Century Graphic medium format press camera with working Kalart rangefinder 103mm f:4.5 lens has a good working shutter and clean glass This is the black version - black mahoganite body and black bellows, even the lens board is black. It has the plastic strap, not as nice looking as the leather straps, but it takes up less room when packing the camera. It has one pair of Infinity Stops The bellows look excellent and I have not had any leaks, the focus is smooth and not too loose Please Note - There is NO focusing panel with ground glass on the back - it didn't come with one, and I haven't had any need for it The Graphic 23 roll film back works well - I had no trouble shooting with it Please Note - I may also have a Graphic 22 square format roll film back available that will also work with this camera. Let me know if you're interested and I can make a package deal. I shot several rolls of film with this camera, lens, and roll back set-up and the results were very good. The last photo is an image from a roll of Kodak Portra 160 I try to show everything of note in the photos, but PLEASE ask any questions before bidding Free Priority Mail with Tracking Number and Insurance This auction is for US residents only , NO Overseas postage available due to a spate of non-paying bidders. Sorry, but that's the way ... read more