Centuryville collection" SWEET SHOPPE stained glass

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? I have the perfect decoration that would light up in a special way. CENUTRY CLASSICS, illuminated stained glass collectibles, "CENTURYVILLE collection", Rheta's Sweet Shoppe, (All homemade candies), handcrafted from 74 pieces of glass. Measurements are about 7" tall, front and back about 6" across, and both sides about 4" across. is the description: The whole shoppe is all white in color. The front has a door on the bottom with a blue mat with black trim on the right side, the door is off-white in color with a black door knob and trim, above the door is a red 4 section window that looks like when you cut into a pie with black trim, on the left side of the door on the bottom is green with black trim, above that is a sectioned window in yellow/gold with black trim, above the window is a purple awning. Above the awning towards the center in a pink background is SWEET SHOPPE is black lettering with black trim, above that are a window on each side clear in color with black trim, above is pink with black trim, above that is half circle in red with black trim black with 3 lines extending on it, then the roof is purple that peaks and then comes down on both sides and has a steep look on each side of the roof with 5 black round balls 3 across and 2 w the peak is higher. The right side

CENTURYVILLE, designed by S.N. Meyers, is the first issue in the Century Classics. The collection is a brilliant example of the art of stained glass. These superbly hand-crafted collectibles are created from stained glass made in the United States. Large sheets of stained glass are individually cut and polished, copperfoiled, soldered and followed with hand applied patina to create this masterpiece. Lous Comfort Tiffany, renowned American stained glass artist, first used this same creative process over one hundred years ago. The CENTURYVILLE Collection is a timeless treasure that radiates a warm glow....The translucence and luminous color of stained glass will give a tremendous decorative impact to any setting all year round. Made in China


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