Centuryville Illuminated Stained Glass Village Church

Century Classics Illuminated Stained Glass Collectibles

Centuryville Church
handcrafted from 64 pieces of glass

Centuryville designed by S.N Meyers, is the first issue in the Century Classics Series. The collection is a brilliant example of the art of stained glass. These superbly hand-crafed collectibles are created from stained glass made in the United States. Large sheets of stained glass are individually cut and polished, copperfoiled, soldered and followed with a hand applied patina to create this masterpiece. The Centuryville Collection is a timeless treasure that radiates a warm glow. . . the Translucence and luminous color of stained glass will give a tremendous decorative impact to any setting all year round.

We are cleaning out Grandma's storage area and found this lovely stained glass village. We are listing each piece separately but we'd love to combine shipping to one buyer! Each item includes only what is pictured, but has been packaged in its original box with molded foam. We did not notice any cracks or chips in any of the pieces.

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