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~ BRAND NEW ~ 100 Multi Colored
Medium Twist Treelights
for Ceramic Christmas Trees

Replace or change the treelights for your special ceramic Christmas tree!

Bring your ceramic Christmas tree and projects alive with these brightly colored treelights! Welcome to my listing for a "BRAND NEW" set of 100 medium twist shaped treelights in all 9 great colors - red, green, clear, blue, aqua, yellow, orange, pink and purple. If interested in a set of all the same color or an assorted mix, please use the drop down menu above to select the color and quantity needed.
Perfect to finish off that special ceramic Christmas tree or project. These lovely transparent plastic treelights sit into the branches of tabletop ceramic christmas trees and are illuminated by the bulb inside the tree. Create your own custom tree with mixing various style treelights!!!
This is the most popular size of twist treelights. Total length with stem measures approximately 1" long. The bulb itself measures 5/8" long by 3/8" wide at the widest part with a stem length of 3/8" long by 3/16" in diameter. Please refer to my Twist Size chart below for sizes available to make sure the right size is purchased. Perfect for the medium to larger size ceramic Christmas
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